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How to use a paint sprayer is, for most people, something that they only think about if they have to. Using a paint sprayer is just a simple "point and shoot," right? Wrong. Many professional painters are called in to fix the job up after an ill planned, or botched paint job, because the user just pointed and shot. However, this does not have to happen, especially if the right tool is selected and used, and a little planning is applied.

The Paint Zoom™ system, advertised nationally on television, is the right tool for the job. Rather than have a cryptic picture manual of how to "point and shoot," the people behind the Paint Zoom™ system have not only produced the right system for the job, but have also provided full instructions on how to plan and execute a perfect paint job by showing home improvement enthusiasts just how to use a paint spray gun.

Starting with the identification of the different parts of the Paint Zoom™ system, the video covers proper assembly of the gun and motor units. Then, there is an explanation of the parts and what they do, like the Viscosity Cup, which is used to measure the viscosity of the paint and thin it to the right consistency for the job you are completing.

How to use paint sprayers doesn't stop there. Area preparation and safety are next and most important. Then comes paint preparation. This is detailed and the use of the Viscosity Cup is explained. Nozzle adjustment and stream adjustment are used to control paint application method. When to use a cross application method and how, as well as proper stroke size and techniques are shown. The video goes step by step right through and into clean up. There is a full online manual as well to back users up with detailed answers, making the Paint Zoom™ system one of the most complete and hassle free on the market today.

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