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Keith Moncrief - "Painting your house is messy and expensive, but the Paint Zoom™ just gets beyond all that and makes it easy. Paint Zoom™ helped me cut time dramatically. It was easy, it was nice, and it didn't take long and no real mess. Paint Zoom™ made me feel like I could paint professionally!"

Stephanie Scott - "The door in our kitchen has grooves in the door because it's a panel door. Oh man, the Paint Zoom™ was smooth as silk. It got in there so neatly and so evenly I didn't even have to go over it twice. It's fast and I think more than anything time is money."

David Lee - "The Paint Zoom™ is really simple, light weight, and easy to use. There really wasn't an angle, or a crevice, or a corner that it couldn't handle. I think the Paint Zoom™ saved me money in two ways: first, it took less time than normal painting, and second, it didn't take nearly as much paint. I didn't have to go back over places because a roller or a brush missed something. It was a nice even coat and now I'm done."

Ed House - "I've been painting professionally about 18 years and the Paint Zoom™ works great! It paints really fast and makes good clean edges. It has very good coverage with one coat. The Paint Zoom™ would be a very good product for around the house because it save's money on materials. The paint goes on better and smoother than what most people can paint with a roller and a brush. I would recommend it to just about anybody."

Christopher Leo - "Well my son has a playhouse in the backyard and I told him we could paint it whatever color he wanted. All I had to do was give him a quick little lesson with the Paint Zoom™ and boy he just went at it. He pretty much painted almost the entire playhouse himself. It had perfect coverage. The 2 x 4's are spaced apart on the playhouse and in between it is always a real pain to paint with a brush. But the Paint Zoom™, I mean literally just one swipe, boom we had it."

Maxine Whitaker - "The Paint Zoom™ is wonderful. It is easy to load, easy to use, its light, and I didn't have strain on my hands or shoulders while using it. The Paint Zoom™ covers beautifully. It makes painting corners and edges faster and easier because it paints vertical or horizontal. I liked the results very much!"

Pike Moore - "With the Paint Zoom™, I didn't have to question the integrity of a contractor. I just went in and did the job myself and I was happy with the results. The Paint Zoom™ gets the job done fast."

Sean Wingo - "I was definitely blown away that I could paint the whole house by myself. I didn't think that just one person could do that because you always have to have a crew, but with the Paint Zoom™ I was definitely able to. It paints very evenly. You can get a lot done in a short amount of time and it's very easy. I felt like I really got something done and I did it myself!"

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